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About Reanvent*

Our qualified digital competence will guide you through the complexity of digital transformation

Digital transformation is complex and broad, demanding a competent change manager for a structural change that affects your company on many levels. At Reanvent, we offer expert consulting services to help businesses navigate the digital landscape and achieve their goals.

  • Consulting of digital transformation on the company strategy, business model, organization, and leadership
  • Our digital competence is based on an understanding of IT, knowledge of digital technologies and ecosystems, and the ability to bring them into the context of your business
  • We prefer an agile methodology which means working customer-centric in short iteration cycles. The goal is to achieve a fast time to market and to ensure continuous improvement.

New concepts are quickly tested for acceptance as prototypes and then continuously developed in direct contact with customers and users. This applies to new products as well as to internal systems and processes. The customer or user is actively involved in the product and service development process.

What We Offer

Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs

At Reanvent, we understand that each business has unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to digital transformation. That's why we offer a range of consulting services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Consulting of digital transformation on the company strategy

Formulating frameworkscritical to success

Establishing business cases and budgets

Analyzing key performance indicators to measure success

Balance between
operational excellence and business innovation

1. Operational excellence:

digitalization, standardization and automation are the keys of modern processes and systems. The keys enable getting closer to your customers while avoiding unnecessary efforts and expenses.

2. Innovation:

Can you inspire your customers with new services, products and business models? In other words, digitally rethink your value creation

Digital transformation

It means digitally strengthening your current core business so that you also have the time to invest in new digital business models. In the short term it helps support the operational excellence of your company and gives you space to grow in the long term.


Saving costs

Reaching more customers

Increasing customer loyalty

Discovering new markets

Grow and extend your value creation digitally


Value creation is transferred to the customer or other market participants
High price and supply transparency leads to price and margin pressure

Organization and Leadership

Digital leadership and agile organizations

Your company needs new leadership and organizational principles so that digital transformation can be successful within your company. Here are a few examples of how digital transformation and organizational principles are intertwined

  • The introduction of new systems can result in new roles and processes
  • A focus on the customer and a high customer experience requires high end-to-end process transparency and cross-departmental collaboration
  • New services and products require new interdisciplinary teams
  • Market dynamics and complexity overwhelm hierarchical organizations

Reanvent* as an accelerator of your digital transformation

We offer a variety of conceptual and operational competencies. We provide digital expertise and the ability to see digital technologies and ecosystems within the context of your company.

If you want to build these digital competencies internally in the long term, an external consultant can be a great and valuable accelerator for your digital development.


If you execute a digital transformation at your company without considering the feedback on your organization, the digital transformation will have no effect. You have to be aware of dependencies and also involve your organization and each individual employee in the upcoming changes.

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